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Okay, so before my LJ whoring days, I was whoring online TCGs. Like...obsessively. It's fun, if you've never tried it. I was a moderator on several and was even actively involved in updating one to the point of co-owning it. HOWEVER, this was a pain in the ass because PHP does not really make it that much easier. It's just as frustrating. .-.

So now that I lost the website that they were all hosted on (;-;), I had fallen out of it. But I had continually thought perhaps it could be replicated through Livejournal's easy to update and moderate. The only downfall is the obvious lack of Javascript, but I thought my way around that for methods of earning the lovely little cards/pixels.

ANYWAYS, the community is not actually open yet, but please do fill out this poll. The TCG would be character based, meaning I pick a series, make twenty little pixels of that character, then you collect em all. WAIT IS THAT COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT

Poll #1004453 Series You'd Like To See

What series (plural, lol) would you like to see characters from?

And if you're confused as to what an online TCG is, Here is my former favourite.

Please take the time to give your opinion! I want to make it fun, and once it's ready, I'll be sure to post it here.

Because I'm stupid, if you vote for a series, please drop a comment for what characters too. ): I'm not perfect.
Also, please comment if you like the idea!
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