she's an old-time ambassador (tsunderes) wrote in pantsu_icons,
she's an old-time ambassador

Well that was a fun two hours. xD
The request list has been cleaned, except for layouts that I plan to try to do.

So some announcements:
I do them once, and only once.
- I need a partner in crime. =D
Send an email to (without .) with the following application:
1) Why do you want to help me~?
2) Are you:
- Willing to give credit to the community instead of yourself?
- an expierenced icon maker?
- going to spread the template around?
- on crack?
3) Do you have PSP 7 and Animation Shop 3?
4) 3 examples of previous work. (Preferably a banner, an icon, and a layout.)
- This community is now open for anyone to post. Spam, useless-ness, and idiocy will be deleted. No acting like a /b/tard, you guys. ♥
- EDIT: Oh yeah, tommorrows's my birthday~! xD

If accepted, you will recieve the template for the pantsu and you can go crazy, but because of how protective I am over that thing, send it around and you're fired and flamed to hell.

D=Collapse )

JOIN mixedupnyxfiles OR PERISH.
(As long as you like to roleplay, that is. ♥)
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Thank you. so. much. <3 <3 <3
Yay! the Sano one is GREAT! Thanks so very much! :D :D :D
oh and happy birthday!
Omg...That Peach one. XDD *snorts*
XD Stole the Trowa icons, and I sent you an application! :0!!
NYAA! Thank you so much for making my Horo and Ryu panty-pulling icons! That made my day! X3

BTW, did you already make a Kakashi one?
Yes, I think he was in the original batch, if not, the second.


11 years ago

Link! XDDD

Took a couple. Thank you!
Oh god, oh god! Must steal the Ace one. Glee!
Yay! These are awesome, as usual ^_^

Oh, and Happy Birthday! ^_^
OMFG SANOSUKE. 0_0 You finally did one of my Soulmate. Thank you, dear, totally saving. XD I'm gonna go ahead and save Link, too. :P And the Shikamaru and Chouji one's cute, too.
:D Happy Almost-Birthday, Crackalicious-san! (Would attempt to make something, but her computer-art-fu is lacking)
ZOMG *squee* for the Shikamaru/Chouji one~ :3

And Happy Almost Birthday~~ :3

btw, 4chan owns everyone's soul :o
Ahh I love the Ace one! :D
Horohoro and Zangetsu ones win :3

Oh, and happy birthday~
Happy early birthday! :O

And thank you so much! Yuki looks so funny like that... XD

Deleted comment

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